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About Us

In 1999 three young businessman estabilished Villa Yapı with a grand vision and a goal to build quality prefabric houses, office buildings, social and community facilities, earth quake houses and light steel structures. The continous growth enabled Villa Yapı to expand their core business in to steel construction and Container production to be one of the leaders in the industry.

Our company;
Various sizes of prefabricated homes, work site buildings, social and community facilities, hospitals, Schools, Office and living containers, steel structures are build for domestic and lntemational customers, successfuly, for the past 13 years.
Customer satisfaction being the main goal, technical and administrative staff can offer fast and quality solutions to customers projects.

Prefabricated Buildings 30000 m²
Modular Containers 500 adet
Disassembled Containers 300 adet
Light Steel Buildings 7000 m²
Heavy Steel Buildings 5000 m²

With Tuzla, Istanbul 1.500m2 showroom and Gebze, Kocaeli 20.000m2 manufacturing facility, with over 300 qualified associates, Villa Yapı is proud contributor to Turkish economy.

Gebze, Kocaeli manufacturing capacity, monthly
* 30.000m 2 prefabric homes
* 500 pieces of modular containers
* 300 pieces of disassembled containers
* 7.000 m2 light steel homes
* 5.000 m2 heavy steel buildings

Production facilities consist of 7 giant Rollform machines, 6 Apkant press, 6 guillotine shears, drill press and multi purpose assembly lines.
In process, roll of galvanised sheets are cut to customer specifications and run through giant Rollform machines. Finally, finished products are stacked on palettes for shippment.

All metal materials are used being fully galvanised, thus will not corrode, rust. Manufactured homes are statically designed to conform regional climate zones and build by galvanised structural steel tubes utilizing non-welding technology.
Containers are build from galvanized steel that are can be finished or disassembled.

Villa Yapi is commited to zero defect production. Thus, research and development is integral part of the business plan to produce via latest building technology.

Villa Yapı is proud that their products has been exported to the over the 50 international countries such as Germany, Denmark, Turkmenistan, North Africa, Libya, Iraq , Azerbaijan, England, Netherlands, Tajikistan, Romaine, Sudan, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Nigeria , Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Iran, Kyrgyzstan etc…
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