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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What services are included in the price quote?

Prefabricated building supplies (wall panels, steel connecting plates, ceiling panels, roof insulation and roofing materials), steel door as exterior door, American cored doors as interior doors, PVC glazed balcony doors, windows, transom windows and glazing, interior and exterior paintwork, electric wiring and indoor plumbing, electrical and water fixture supplies are included.

QUESTION: What are customer’s responsibilities?

Concrete ground and all kinds of excavation and landscaping works, floor and wall coverings (cement finish, ceramics, carpeting, tiling, etc.), exterior connections (electricity, sewage, clean water), licenses, permits and registrations, heating and cooling systems (radiator, air conditioning, etc.), food and accommodation expenses of the assembly crew in projects outside Istanbul, transportation of products and related insurance expenses are customer’s responsibility.

QUESTION: Can you build prefabricated houses anywhere in Turkey?

We are able to provide our services throughout Turkey including all regions. In projects outside Istanbul, food and accommodation expenses of assembly crew are covered by customer. (Main assembly crew consists of 5; paint crew consists of 2 people).

QUESTION: Are permits required for building prefabricated houses? Permit and license requirements are regulated by the affiliated municipality. Procedures required in the process, such as architectural plan, electrical system plan, mechanical plan and ground survey are customer’s responsibilities.

QUESTION: How is sound and thermal insulation in prefabricated buildings?

Exterior wall thickness applied in our prefabricated houses is 10cm. 16 density styrofoam used between wall panels together with rock wool used for roof insulation provide much higher level of sound and thermal insulation than a regular concrete building.

QUESTION: What is the average lifespan of the building?

The primary material used in our prefabricated buildings is Betopan which is produced by Ankara TEPE Group with a 50-year guarantee against external conditions. Supporting system of the building and all metal components connected with exterior are galvanized against corrosion. Average lifespan of a prefabricated building is between 30-40 years.

QUESTION: Are prefabricated houses just for summer use?

Prefabricated houses are insulated for usage throughout all four seasons and can be specifically built to suit all climate conditions. Insulation specifications are adjusted according to the climate conditions of the related location.

QUESTION: How many storeys can be built?

Prefabricated houses are built one or two storeys.

QUESTION: Can a prefabricated house be built on a concrete building?

Prefabricate houses can only be built on single storey concrete buildings provided that the building under has a solid and flat roof surface.

QUESTION: Can we choose any custom plan and look?

Custom plans and sizes are applicable as long as the project is within the prefabricated system constraints.

QUESTION: How long does it take to deliver a prefabricated house?

Depending on your chosen size and production commitments at the time, a single storey 100m2 prefabricated house is delivered within 5-7 working days and installed within 4-5 days, on average.

QUESTION: How are prefabricated buildings transported?

Prefabricated buildings are transported by truck, ship, train or cargo planes. On average, a 7m truck can carry 90m2 prefabricated building supply. Average total weight varies between 7-9 tons.

QUESTION: Are prefabricated buildings earthquake resistant?

Bear in mind that prefabricated buildings originated as earthquake buildings. Being much lighter than a concrete building and constructed by assembling demounted components with steel screws, prefabricated buildings bend and stretch but not collapse during an earthquake.

QUESTION: Can prefabricated houses be taken apart and reassembled elsewhere?

Yes, they can be reassembled provided that the incurred expenses for taking apart and reassembling are covered.

QUESTION: What are the technical specifications of the material used?

You can check the "Technical Specifications " section in our website.

QUESTION: : How is your payment system? Can we pay in instalments?

40% of the contract value is paid in cash on contract date; the remaining 60% is paid by 2 equal cheques or note payables due for 30 and 60 day terms, respectively. For longer payment terms, prefabricated house loans are available by our solution partner Türkiye Finans Bankası.

QUESTION: Where can we see finished prefabricated buildings?

İçmeler Mah. Mazhar Sk. No.15-1/11 Tuzla / ISTANBUL / TURKEY TEL: +90 216 494 49 49 / +90 216 493 07 33 FAX: +90 216 392 26 91

QUESTION: Could you send your catalogue?

We can deliver our catalogue in 2 days if you send us your address and phone number (land-line) details to e-mail address.
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